Project leaders: Jonathan Lin (lin.jonathan.l@gmail.com) & Venkatesh Chinnakonda (vchinnakonda@gmail.com)


EWB-GT Jamaica is a new water project that was started in 2015 to help the communities of Brae Head and Crooked River access a stable supply of clean water. Currently, the villages share a water distribution system that only has capacity to serve one community at a time. While one community is serviced by the current system, the other community has to wait and for access to clean water.


The communities of Brae Head and Crooked River are in Clarendon which is a parish in Southern Central Jamaica. There are about 2,000+ people living in each community.

What We Do

The goal of our project is to engineer a solution that provides everybody within the Brae Head and Crooked River communities with water simultaneously. Since we have not set foot on the ground in Jamaica, all of our information has come from key leaders in the community. We will have a better grasp of what direction this project will move in after the assessment trip in December.

Project Status

We recently completed an assessment trip in the community. From that, we are now determining the best way to address the village's problem. We are excited to find new perspectives and solutions for this pressing issue! Additionally, we are also in the process of reaching out to the Atlanta Jamaican community to gain local support for our project.